Updated Resources for Meditation and Support

Wendy Hasenkamp, host of the Mind & Life Podcast, moderated a discussion between Anne Klein, a teacher in a Tibetan Buddhist tradition, and Anil Seth, who has done important research on the neuroscience that examines our sense of self. Their discussion highlights some of the similarities and differences between Buddhist views of the self and Western scientific views. You can find their conversation here: Sense of Self: A Deeper Insight from Nueroscience and Buddhism. You might also find it helpful and inspiring to look into some of the other topics covered by the Mind & Life Insights project: mindandlife.org

Gil Fronsdal wrote an article introducing the concepts of self and not-self and laying out the connection of those concepts to the Buddha’s basic teachings on suffering and the end of suffering. You can find his article here: Anatta and the Four Noble Truths.