Outreach Programs

Coyote Ridge Corrections Center Meditation Group

IMMC volunteers have been sponsoring a weekly Buddhist meditation group at CRCC since 2003. The group calls themselves the Coyote Ridge Buddhist Sangha and they meet every Friday afternoon. The purpose of the group is to provide time and space for silent meditation, and to encourage study of the Buddha’s teachings on liberation from stress and suffering. These teachings are generally based upon the Vipassana school of insight meditation. IMMC also sponsors an annual celebration of the Buddha’s birthday and is generally held in the Spring. It is a day of celebration and reflection that can include visiting monks and/or nuns along with offering the men an opportunity to take the Buddhist vows & precepts along with taking Refuge in the teachings.

At the end of 2020 we participated in a clothing drive in which IMMC members donated well over 100 pairs of pants, long-sleeve shirts, coats and jackets for the men to have some warm clothing upon release in the Winter months.

Meditation Support Group at Tri-Cities Cancer Center

Many oncologists and oncology patients have found meditation helpful in reducing the stress that comes with their diagnosis and treatment. This meditation support group provides an opportunity for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers to practice mindfulness meditation in a supportive environment. Each session includes a brief review of mindfulness meditation and the role it can play in reducing the anxiety arising from diagnosis and treatment, an opportunity to ask questions, and the chance to practice meditation with others. These sessions, which are usually held on the fourth Thursday of each month, are open to the public. So, if you have a serious illness other than cancer, or are a caregiver for someone who is, you’re welcome to attend the sessions. The session will begin at 12:00 pm at the Cancer Center in the Volunteer Conference Room.

Note: Due to Covid restrictions this meditation support group is not meeting at present.There is a possibility of a Zoom type meeting in the future and we will edit this post accordingly.