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We have three online meditations a week, on Wednesday morning, Thursday evening, and Saturday morning. The Zoom links for those meetings can be found on the Events Calendar and you will also find more detailed information below. You’re welcome to join us online for any of the 3 meetings each week. In addition to our… Continue reading Meeting News

Quote For The Week

Donald Rothberg

“Following the principle of non attachment to outcome seems to present us with a radical spiritual paradox whenever we act in the world, whether as a meditator, parent, teacher, or activist: How can we act decisively, energetically, passionately, wisely, and compassionately while giving up our attachment to the results of our actions?”  ~ Donald Rothberg, The Engaged… Continue reading Quote For The Week

Beginning Meditation Classes

Our Beginning Meditation classes are presented in a four-part series, and will be conducted online via zoom. The classes are intended to work together to provide an introduction to meditation or serve as a useful “touchstone” for more experienced practitioners. You are welcome to attend any or all of the classes. Each class can be… Continue reading Beginning Meditation Classes

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