Updated Resources for Meditation and Support

Gil Fronsdal provides a good discussion of the hindrance of restlessness and worry and the importance of working with it in order to settle the mind and see clearly. You can find his article here: The Hindrance of Restlessness and Worry.

Another good article on restlessness and worry comes from the Bellingham Insight Meditation Society. You can find that article here: Restlessness and Worry.

The start of a New Year is a time when many people try to restart or reinvigorate their meditation practice. One possibility is to enroll in the beginner’s meditation classes described above that will start in early February. There are also meditation series offered by several organizations, either free or by donation. One of them is the Tricycle Meditation Month, taught this year by Christina Feldman, an excellent teacher of Insight Meditation. You can find that offering here: Tricycle Meditation Month 2023

The Insight Timer meditation app is also offering a free 31-day challenge entitled “Building Healthy Habits Challenge 2023”. You can find the Insight Timer app on the App store for Apple devices, or on the Google Play Store for Android devices.