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Updated Resources for Meditation and Support in Challenging TimesTo begin a reflection about determination and the resolute mind, one need look no further than one’s current experience. It was about this time last year when everyone’s lives changed dramatically because of the pandemic. Each of us, in some way, have accessed our own determination and… Continue reading Updated resources:

Online meditation meetings:

We have three online meditations a week, on Wednesday morning, Thursday evening, and Saturday morning. You’re welcome to join us online for any of the 3 meetings each week. See our Events Calendar for more detailed information. During the Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday online meetings, we “sit together” for meditation for half an hour. Meditations… Continue reading Online meditation meetings:

Schedule and Information

After meditation this Thursday (Mar 11, 2021), we will have a talk about determination and the resolute mind. The following Thursday, March 18, we’ll have a discussion of the topic, so bring any questions you have about the talk or from your experiences about determination. Registration is now open for a one day, online retreat… Continue reading Schedule and Information

Quote for the week:

In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins–not through strength, but through perseverance. ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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