New Treasurer Needed for Meditation Group

Li and C.T. have been supporting the meditation group as treasurer for the last two years, but need to step aside now. I’m very thankful for their support! Now IMMC, the non-profit corporation that is the support for the meditation group, needs a new treasurer. The job is not very demanding because our budget is small and there aren’t a lot of transactions to track, so the job only takes an hour or two every couple of weeks. Some degree of comfort with technology, including online technology is needed, but not a lot. We use Quicken to track the deposits and expenses, so some knowledge of that program could be helpful. However, Li had never used it before stepping in as treasurer and we have people in the group who could help you get started with it. The treasurer should live nearby so they can go to our bank when needed, though almost everything can be done online. If you have any interest in supporting the meditation group and becoming the new treasurer, or have any questions, please contact Chris Murray.