Updated resources:

Updated Resources for Meditation and Support in Challenging Times:
Lovingkindness practice is something that can deeply support us when we are experiencing difficult mind states or situations. It also benefits others as it changes the way we respond to them. In addition to the books by Gail Stark and Sylvia Boorstein mentioned above, here are some additional resources that you can explore if you are interested in deepening your lovingkindness practice.

Here is a link to a 12 minute guided audio meditation by Jack Kornfield that you may find useful and instructive. It is particularly useful if you are new to lovingkindness meditation. Loving-kindness Meditation.

The following brief article focuses on how to practice lovingkindness (meta) during troubled times. How to practice Metta for a troubled time.

This article offers a more comprehensive exploration of lovingkindness meditation practices. It includes scripts for specific lovingkindness meditations, links to guided meditations, and an overview of some of the well known authors and proponents of lovingkindness practices. These resources could help you begin a lovingkindness practice or deepen a well established practice. What is lovingkindness meditation?

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