Updated Resources for Meditation and Support

Gil Fronsdal looks at Dharma practice and the path of non-harming and the way that they facilitate the arising of beautiful qualities of the heart. Those practices and the qualities that arise can allow us to see the meaning and purpose in our lives more clearly. You can find the article here: The Dharma and the Path of Harmlessness

One of the best known books on meaning in human life is Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning, which grew out of Frankl’s experiences in a concentration camp in WWII. An important book to read if you haven’t read it already. Andrew Olendzki’s father was also an inmate for two years in concentration camps in WWII and discussed the experience with his son. In this piece the younger Olendzki relates their experience and their approach to the choices that arise in life with the Buddha’s teaching on the choices we make in each moment: The Search for Meaning

An area where many find meaning and purpose helpful is in responding to the difficulties in the world. The approach suggested by Frankl and Olendzki emphasizes the role of choice. Jack Kornfield looks at vulnerability and compassion as choices we can make in responding to the pain and suffering we see in the world. Kornfield points out the importance of the courage that arises from the practice of vulnerability and compassion. You can find his post here: Vulnerability and the Tender Heart