Updated Resources for Meditation and Support

Gil Fronsdal wrote an article on the path to awakening that is very helpful. It lays out the way in which the qualities that arise as one practices naturally lead to awakening. This teaching of the Buddha is known as Liberative Dependent Origination or Transcendental Dependent Origination because it undoes the normal process of Dependent Origination that leads to clinging, attachment, and distress. You can find that article here: Awakening with Dependent Origination

Heather Sanche describes the path to awakening and sets it within the story of the Buddha’s life. Her article includes a helpful summary of the Buddha’s teachings on stress and suffering and the path leads to the end of distress. You can find her article here: The Buddha’s Path to Awakening

Joan Sutherland provides a beautiful description of the Zen approach to enlightenment and awakening. This includes the fundamental belief that we all are inherently awake but that our thoughts and the complexity of human life lead us to forget. The path then becomes one of awakening to a home that is already present. You can find her article here: Everything is Enlightenment