Updated Resources for Meditation and Support

Emptiness can be a difficult concept to wrap our mind around. Thich Nhat Hanh uses the Heart Sutra to discuss the relationship of emptiness, interbeing, and fullness in an article that you can find here: The Heart Sutra: the Fullness of Emptiness

Thanissaro Bhikkhu describes emptiness as a mode of perception that can allow us to move beyond the stories and views we hold and get closer to direct perception of what is happening. This helps to loosen our attachments to some of those views, stories, and assumptions, leaving the mind empty of much of the greed, anger; and delusion we feel, and thus empty of suffering and stress. You can find his article here: What do Buddhists Mean When They Talk About Emptiness?

Bhante Suddhaso wrote a post that provides several helpful analogies for emptiness. He also describes the relationship between emptiness and impermanence and the way in which mindfulness of impermanence can help us to experience emptiness in life and meditation. He describes that experience as warm, supportive, and joyful. You can find his post here: Emptiness