Updated Resources for Meditation and Support

Sharon Salzberg wrote an article that introduces equanimity and shows how it leads to wisdom and supports the other three heart-centered qualities. You can find her article here: What Equanimity Means in Buddhism

Kaira Jewel Lingo provides a description of equanimity that discusses the difference between indifference and equanimity. It also shows us how equanimity can help us to navigate the difficult times in which we live. You can find that article here: How Equanimity Powers Love

The organization Greater Good has put together a large number of resources in response to the war between Israel and Hamas. They include articles to help us understand the roots of peace, war, and reconciliation; get involved in activism; and support our well-being and our children’s—including reminders of human goodness in times of conflict. It also includes a link to a list of organizations that are providing humanitarian aid in the Middle East. You can find the article with those resources here: Resources for Peace and Conflict

It can be hard to discuss divisive topics, even with those we love. Oren Jay Sofer is starting his three unit course on mindful communication this week, based on his book “Say What You Mean”. Many people in our community have taken his courses and read his book and found it helped them to have more open and compassionate conversations. Sofer’s approach is based on blending the teachings of mindfulness with those of Nonviolent Communication (developed by Marshall Rosenberg). You can find more information about the course here: Say What You Mean