Updated Resources for Meditation and Support

Jack Kornfield has a two-part article that discusses how some have interpreted Buddhism as a pessimistic practice focused on suffering, but he emphasizes the importance of opening to joy. He also provides some guidance on practices that can help open to innate joy. You can find his articles here: Natural Joy and Here: Natural Joy (Part Two)

The Seattle Insight Meditation Society is offering a Friday evening class on Insight Dialogue on Friday October 13, and a retreat on October 14 and 15 that will be taught by Dave Leggatt and Anna Brown-Griswold. The class and retreat will be available online or in-person. Insight Dialogue is a form of Insight Meditation that focuses on co-meditation, meditating with others, speaking and listening to help cultivate wise speech and an experience of community. You can find more information about those events here: Awakening-The Path of Friendship and here: Awakening-The Path of Friendship