Updated Resources for Meditation and Support

Gil Fronsdal provides a good description of different forms of doubt, both as a hindrance and as an aid in our learning to see clearly. He also discusses useful approaches to respond to doubt when it is a hindrance. You can find his article here: Doubting Doubt: Practicing with the Final Hindrance.

This article by Jack Kornfield provides a good introduction to the hindrances to meditation practice, including the hindrance of doubt. It would make a good review of the hindrances. You can find his article here: Obstacles Are Part of the Path

The Seattle Insight Meditation Society, SIMS, is introducing an online sangha for people who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color that the organizers hope will be a resource for BIPOC practitioners throughout the region. They are just starting up, with their first meeting on January 15. You can find more information at the event listing: SIMS BIPOC Sangha (Online)