Updated Resources for Meditation and Support:

You can find guided meditations from Bhikkhu Analayo for several practices of Satipatthana Meditation, including the body scans for Anatomy and the Elements at the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies: Satipatthana Meditation.

Other meditations for the body scan and awareness of the Elements can be found here: Body Scan Meditation and here: The Elemental Self.

Jay Michaelson wrote a good article on the use of meditation to help us navigate and accept life’s ups and downs that you can find here: Accepting Life’s Ups and Downs.

Sometimes we think that meditation isn’t working because the thoughts don’t stop, or even slow down. Gil Fronsdal explains how mindfulness works even when it doesn’t appear to be. You can find his suggestions here: Mindfulness of the Breath. That article is taken from a chapter in Gil’s book “The Issue at Hand”, which is one of the best and most accessible introductions to Insight Meditation. You can find the full text of that book here: The Issue at hand.