Updated Resources for Meditation and Support

Andrew Olendzki provides a brief description of samadhi in this article from Tricycle:  The Meaning of Samadhi

Ajahn Sucitto describes the connection between joy and samadhi in an article in which he makes clear that “through this process of bringing happiness into body and mind, the mind is naturally concentrated. That is samādhi.” So, concentration is fostered by joy, not the forceful exertion that many expect it to be. You can find his article here: Samadhi is Pure Enjoyment

The last few weeks have been tumultuous and painful and have left many of us angry and distressed. This anger is necessary to motivate us to work for change, but continuing to feed the anger will just cause more distress. Rick Hanson has a good evocation of the teaching story of the two wolves in which he looks at the benefits of feeding the wolf of love and not the wolf of hatred that may be helpful and motivating. You can find his article here: Human Nature and The Problems we Face.

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