Upcoming Zen Retreat with Debra Seido Martin

A Zen retreat with Debra Seido Martin on Saturday, November 5th from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm is now open for registration. This retreat will be hosted by the Walla Walla Dharma Sangha. The retreat is slated to be a hybrid retreat, with some people attending the in-person retreat in Walla Walla, and others joining online.

Additional information about the retreat can be found here: Zen Retreat with Debra Seido Martin. To register for the retreat, please contact Janaki Howard.

The subject for this retreat is “Climate of Mind: Facing our Fears of the Unknown” 

Given the ongoing instability of the world around us and the future of our species, how do we cultivate a collective climate of mind that is intimate with rather than battling that which disturbs us? Buddhist practice teaches us that we are endowed with an original mind, one that is at ease, bright, open and responsive. And yet, how difficult it is to access this wisdom when we are overcome with all that we know and what we fear. This retreat will offer grounding practices to access this original mind and speak to the obstacle of unacknowledged fear.  The schedule includes traditional Zen forms including silent meditation while sitting and walking, chanting, mindful lunch, dharma teaching, and group inquiry.

Seido Martin is the guiding teacher of Empty Field Zen, Eugene, Oregon: