Talk & Meditation With Dori Langevin

Dori Langevin

Please join us Friday evening, August 20th, as we welcome Dori Langevin a meditation teacher from Spokane, WA.    The evening will be from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm and will include meditation, a talk and time for Q&A.  Dori’s talk will be on “The Blessing of Equanimity” which is also the topic for her day long meditation retreat to be held the next day, August 21st.

Friday evenings event will be online via Zoom as well as the retreat the next day.

Please click through to this Zoom link and then enter the the meeting ID and passcode when prompted.

Meeting ID: 875 2113 6784

Passcode: 654376

IF you wish to join by phone simply call this phone#: +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma), then enter the Meeting ID and the Passcode.

Here’s a brief description of her Friday night talk and for the retreat the next day:

“Equanimity is woven throughout the Buddhadharma and has multiple interdependent expressions. As balance in the midst of the eight worldly vicissitudes of gain and loss, praise and blame, fame and disrepute, pleasure and pain. As boundless unconditional friendliness, compassion and sympathetic joy toward all beings. As realizing and living from the wisdom of non-preferential awareness and letting go…to name a few. In this retreat, there will be formal meditation, talks, Qigong (movement meditation), and time for questions. The retreat will be suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners.”

If you would like to provide dana (a donation) to Dori for the meditation
on Friday evening or the retreat, you can do that in one of two ways:

1. Check made out to Dori Langevin and mailed to 4612 S. Schafer Branch
Rd, Spokane, WA 99206
2. PayPal link Opens in new tab for retreats or classes