Meeting News

We have three online meditations a week, on Wednesday morning, Thursday evening, and Saturday morning. The Zoom links for those meetings can be found on the Events Calendar and you will also find more detailed information below. You’re welcome to join us online for any of the 3 meetings each week.

In addition to our regular online meetings, we are now meeting for in-person meditation sessions every Wednesday and Saturday Morning.  Please see the Events Calendar for specific details.

During the Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday online meetings, we “sit together” for meditation for half an hour. Meditations include guided meditations, meditations with some initial guidance and instruction, and silent meditations. The Wednesday morning meditation starts at 9:30 am, with half an hour of meditation, followed by half an hour of sharing. On Thursday evenings there is a talk or discussion and sharing following meditation. Meditation is from 7:30 until 8:00 pm, with the talk and discussion ending at about 9:00 pm. The Saturday morning meditation starts at 8:00 am, with half an hour of meditation followed by half an hour of sharing.

The Thursday night series of talks are currently focused on engaged spiritual practice, looking at ethical living, intention, compassion, and other qualities that have a profound impact on how we live in the world and how we can try to be a positive influence to reduce the suffering of others as well as our own stress and unease. The talks will all be self-contained, but if you’d like a book to explore this area in your own life, The Engaged Spiritual Life: A Buddhist Approach to Transforming Ourselves and the World by Donald Rothberg is a good resource for the series. For each talk, we’ll give an indication of the chapter(s) that would be most helpful in supplementing the talk and discussion.

After the 7:30 meditation on Thursday, July 29, the talk will be on grief in the engaged spiritual life and the possibilities it offers for opening our hearts. In the talk we’ll also address the personal grief that we all experience sooner or later. You can find some helpful support for this topic in Chapter Four of Donald Rothberg’s book, The Engaged Spiritual Life. If you have access to Narayan Liebenson’s book, The Magnanimous Heart, which we read last year, the second section of it is on Grief, and it would be very helpful for this topic. Additional resources are listed below.

If you can’t or don’t wish to join the online sessions you can just meditate at the same time as we’re meeting and know that there are others from the group who are meditating with you. I’ve had many people contact me to say they were doing that for our meditation sessions recently, and that it can help bring a feeling of connection.