One Day Meditation Retreat with Keri Pederson

Dharma teacher Keri Pederson
One Day Meditation Retreat with Keri Pederson

March 19, 2022

Please Join us for a daylong meditation retreat with Keri Pederson, a meditation teacher for Seattle Insight Meditation Society.

The retreat will be held online from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm, using Zoom. The retreat will consist of a mix of seated meditation and walking meditation with instruction and a Dharma talk and will be suitable for beginners and experienced meditators. To register for the retreat, please send an email to Chris Murray.  Fee for the retreat will be $10. Please use our online donation form to pay the retreat fee at  Donorbox Online and leave a comment indicating that the donation is for the retreat on March 19th. The fee will be waived for those who can't afford it. Those who are registered for the retreat will receive an email a day or two before the retreat with the Zoom link for the retreat.

Participants are encouraged to support Keri's work by providing a donation online using one of the following links: Paypal or using Venmo: @Keri-Pederson-1.

The topic for the retreat is "Growing a Heart that is Confident, Steadfast, and Firm" and here is a detailed description of that topic:  The intensity of ongoing uncertainty and unpredictability can have predictable effects on our hearts — we can grow weary and numb, literally ‘sick with worry’, scattered and spinning, or righteous and more stubbornly defended. It is easy to forget the deepest and most healthy capacities of the heart-mind in these times. In the early teachings, the Buddha often refers to the difference between a heart that sinks or stagnates in response to challenge and a heart that grows ‘confident, steadfast, and firm’ as a result of good practice and clear seeing. In Friday night’s talk and a day-long retreat on Saturday, we will explore these specific strengths and characteristics as maturing and deeply beneficial qualities in our practice lives.

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