Changes on the IMMC Board of Directors:

We held the summer meeting of the IMMC Board of Directors on June 22, 2022. Several changes were made to the board of directors and officers of the non-profit corporation that is the legal representative of the sangha. C.T. Kang and Heidi Deschamps were both elected to the board of directors for two-year terms and Chris Murray, Mary Jo Coblentz, and Vas Bhardwaj were re-elected to the board, also for two-year terms. C.T. Kang will be the new Treasurer of the sangha, and Lauren Caslin will be the new Secretary. Thanks to Jon Swanson and Mary Jo Coblentz for their years of service to the sangha as Treasurer and Secretary, respectively. Jon Swanson is no longer on the board of directors, but continues to oversee the IMMC website. Thanks to Jon and to everyone on the board for their continued service to the sangha.