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Updated Resources for Meditation and Support in Challenging Times
To begin a reflection about determination and the resolute mind, one need look no further than one’s current experience. It was about this time last year when everyone’s lives changed dramatically because of the pandemic. Each of us, in some way, have accessed our own determination and tenacity to work through these challenges. No matter your particular circumstances, there is no doubt that you have some examples of determination, given all that you have experienced in this last year. Perhaps this makes you, in an important way, your own best resource about determination.

Tricycle will be offering some free talks and guided meditations this month, along with a coronavirus anniversary remembrance service and meditation on March 11. You will need to sign up with Tricycle to get the Zoom links for the events. You can find more information and the link to the registration form on this page: Tricycle Dharma Talks.

We hope you’re staying healthy and well!
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