Beginning Meditation Class: Insight Meditation & Open Awareness

Beginning Meditation Class: Insight Meditation & Open Awareness

March 5, 2023

Our Beginning Meditation classes are presented in a five-part series. The classes are intended to work together to provide an introduction to meditation or serve as a useful "touchstone" for more experienced practitioners. You are welcome to attend any or all of the classes. Each class can be a stand alone class, and will focus on a different topic. All classes will be from 1:30- 3:30.

This fifth and final class will introduce insight meditation and open awareness.

Here we will review the practices of mindfulness meditation and compassion and kindness practice.  It will provide an introduction to insight meditation, including investigation and open awareness.  We'll focus on identifying approaches that students can take in exploring their own path in meditation.

To participate in one or all the classes please send an email to IMMC to register and receive the link for the class.

The other classes are:

  • Feb 5 - Introduction to and Benefits of Mindfulness
  • Feb 12 – Mindfulness Meditation and the body
  • Feb 19 – Mindfulness of Thoughts and Emotions in Meditation
  • Feb 26 - Compassion & Lovingkindess Meditation Practices

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