Upcoming Meditation Retreats

The retreat on January 6th, 2018, will be hosted by the Walla Walla Dharma Sangha. Santikaro will lead a daylong meditation retreat on Vipassana meditation.

Registration for this retreat will open in early December. When registration opens, you can contact Janaki to register for the retreat at JanakiHoward@gmail.com for more information. There will be a carpool to the retreat from the Tri-Cities, and also one from Walla Walla.

The retreat will be held at the Vista Hermosa retreat center, about 25 miles east of Pasco, WA. The cost of attending a retreat is $15 per person, which is Vista Hermosa's fee. In addition, a donation can be made to the retreat leader. Participants should bring their own lunch, but there are complete kitchen facilities available. The retreats are daylong silent meditation retreats that start at 9:00 am and last till 4:30 pm.

The retreat will include both seated and walking meditation and will be suitable for both beginning and experienced meditation students.

Please contact Chris Murray at InsightMeditation.midcol@gmail.com for more information on the carpool from the Tri-Cities.


For more information contact:
Email:  InsightMeditation.midcol@gmail.com
Phone: 509-946-7217