Upcoming Meditation Retreats

The retreat on Saturday, October 26th, 2019, will be hosted by Insight Meditation of the Mid-Columbia. Tim Geil, co-guiding teacher of the Seattle Insight Meditation Society will lead the retreat. Registration for the retreat will open on September 30, 2019.

The retreat will be held at Shalom UCC, 505 McMurray Street in Richland. There will be a $10 fee to attend the retreat, and donations to the teacher are encouraged. Participants should bring their own lunch, and kitchen facilities will be available. There are also several places to eat within walking distance. The retreat will be a daylong silent meditation retreat that will start at 9:00 am and last till 4:30 pm.

The retreat will include both seated and walking meditation as well as qigong (a movement meditation form) and will be suitable for both beginning and experienced meditation students. The daylong will include an opportunity for small group meetings with the teacher.

Please contact Chris Murray at InsightMeditation.midcol@gmail.com after September 30th for more information and to register for the retreat.

More information on the theme of the retreat and Tim Geil:

The Meditative Witness

Join us for an exploration of the meditative witness. This is an essential shift from being enmeshed and lost to observing with spaciousness and non-reactivity. The Four Foundations of Mindfulness explore this shift moving from body to vedana, to mind states, to dharmas. The meditative witness also needs the compassionate heart for balance, especially as we open to what is beyond the witness.

Tim Geil has practiced insight meditation since 1996 and was invited to teach in 2006 by Rodney Smith. A graduate of the IMS/Spirit Rock Teacher Training Program, he is the co-guiding teacher of Seattle Insight Meditation Society. Tim emphasizes three expressions of the Dharma: investigation, non-resistance, and compassion. Our daily lives prove a tailor-made spiritual path for each person when we are willing to investigate areas of constriction and resistance. This reveals our personal suffering created by the illusion of a separate self. A deep sense of non-resistance and compassion brings balance to investigation. Relaxing fully into this moment is the essence of non-resistance. Compassion brings sensitivity and kindness as we meet all aspects of ourselves. This allows the heart's release into stillness. His relationship with his wife and daughter are a joyful and fundamental part of his dharma practice.


For more information contact:
Email:  InsightMeditation.midcol@gmail.com
Phone: 509-946-7217